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Darlington Arts Centre is housed in a splendid Victorian Building. It is a lively bustling venue hosting arts events and activities for all ages and interests at all times of the day and night. Regular activities include children’s holiday workshops, film, theatre, dance and music.

Formerly a teacher training college, Darlington Arts Centre is one of the top regional arts venues.

Over the last 25 years alterations and improvements have taken place, providing a venue that hosts a range of events, entertainment and attractions.


Housed within the Arts Centre building is the Myles Meehan Art Gallery which attracts local and international exhibitions to the venue.

Entry to the centre and Art Gallery is free and visitors are invited to browse and enjoy a drink at the friendly bar or a snack at the cosy bistro and many rooms can be booked for private functions and parties too. Charges apply for the shows and events which are held within the centre.