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Unpretentious friendly atmosphere,continental cuisine, specials menus and trendy Joe’s Bar downstairs.

Joe Rigatonis at each of its locations has a unique design that reflects modernity, elegance, comfort and convenience. The décor speaks for itself with wooden flooring, teak furnishings and colourful lamps alongside paintings or photographs titivating the wall. If you stepped in without an ounce of knowledge of its existence, you are sure to recognise the brand of restaurant.

The cuisine at Joe Rigatonis is Italian with slight touches from Spain. An array of traditional pizzas topped with cheese, tomatoes, ham, roasted peppers, onions and mushrooms feature on the menu. An extensive á la carte is an excellent alternative to pizzas; start with a prawn cocktail or calamari, followed by a char-grilled sirloin or a fish pancake.

joe rigatoni darlington 

joe rigatoni darlington