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Welcome to This is Darlington - your guide to accommodation, restaurants, bars and entertainment in Darlington!

There is a real buzz in Darlington, where vibrant street theatre sits hand in hand with the attractive Quaker architecture of High Row, the Town Clock and Victorian Market Hall, which preside over the new pedestrianised town centre.

Discover its many pleasures for yourself - stroll around the town centre, dip a toe in the Water Cascade sculpture or sit and watch the world go by from a pavement café.

With more independent and designer shops than many other towns of a similar size, it is a smart choice for shoppers where you are guaranteed to find something different.

When the lights go down, dress up for an evening at the Edwardian Civic Theatre, or enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere at the Arts Centre and Forum Music Centre. There are also plenty of amazing restaurants, stylish bars, clubs and award-winning real ale bars in which to find that great North Eastern welcome. Darlington folk are justifiably proud of the town's world famous rail heritage so no trip would be complete without a visit to the Darlington Railway Centre & Museum to see Stephenson's 'Locomotion' and enjoy family fun events.

Darlington has plenty of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets - from 5 star golf and spar resorts to cosy bed and breakfasts you're sure to find somewhere to rest your head!

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History of Darlington

Darlington began as an Anglo-Saxon settlement on the River Skerne which is a northern tributary of the Tees. The town was later taken by the Danes and there are still many place names of Viking origin in its vicinity. Since Norman times Darlington has been a borough and the site of an important market and […]

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Darlington – The Early Years

Darlington began as a Saxon village. It first appeared in writing in the early 11th century when it was called Dearthingtun. Its name was probably originally Deornoth ing tun. Deaornoth was man. The word ‘ing’ meant belonging to and tun meant farm or hamlet. So it was the estate belonging to Deaornoth. St Cuthbert’s Church […]

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The Fire of Darlington

In 1585 Darlington suffered a disastrous fire. It started on 7 May 1585¬†around midday, the fire spread quickly as most houses were built of wood and had straw roofs. Unfortunately water was scarce because of a drought and people desperately used milk and beer to try and dowse the flames. In all 273 houses were […]

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The name Darlington

No one can say for sure where the name ‘Darlington’ originates, its thought its made up from very small words and has changed throughout its history. We know the elements ‘ing’ and ‘ton’ are from the Anglo-Saxon period. ‘Ing’ refers to a family group and ‘ton’ is a small enclosed farm. The first recorded form […]

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